Sharing My Grandiose Writing Project

“What would be a most important idea or moment in history the future generations of America need to know?”

For whoever still looks at FB (or my FB), I have started a rather large project. Yes, I have been posting challenging ideas on Facebook again, here’s why:

Most people who know me, there’s no doubt know I love the challenge of asking TOUGH questions. I live outside of any “bubble” of ideology or politics. I love to be challenged by great ideas wherever they come from and I don’t like to be put in a “box.”

I want to share a little of what I am up to. A moment of inspiration came to me – possibly one I have been waiting a lifetime for. It was a “moment” in my life, that’s for sure. I have read, listened and been in the bleachers of team, “written word,” my whole life and now, I find, I must pick up my own pen (keyboard, if you insist).

We adults of a certain age have seen more change in our lifetime, than possibly any other. We have witnessed a LIFETIME of context that is mostly missing in today’s culture:

  • We had parents or grandparents born around WWI;
  • They might have served in WWII;
  • Served in Korea;
  • Vietnam; and
  • Witnessed the first moon landing
  • Many of us graduated high school during the Cold War
  • only to see the Berlin Wall fall a few years later.
  • And then the technology boom happened and every home had a personal computer;
  • then internet was born
  • quickly followed up by the smartphone.

Whew! That’s just a quick summary of the historical highlights of how we got here today.

But in the next 30 years, we will also see our children struggle with an ever automated world – and then there’s that mind-bending concept of singularity.

We are also seeing changes in our national politics that had we been told upon our own high school graduation would be the forefront of our “mid-life” culture, we would have thought the informant crazy.

We have intelligent, creative and powerful enemies within and without of our country. Some are BIG, scary nations with ideologies built with a long-term game plan of conquering the world, but especially us, the United States of America, with an iron fist. Their goal is to crush freedom and our inalienable rights

Inalienable rights are those that are bestowed upon humanity, simply because we exist. America was built upon the belief that those rights came from our Great Creator (insert whichever name or idea helps you feel connected to the Divine). They DO NOT come from:

  • The State (a government system)
  • A Political Party
  • Shifting Cultural Definitions
  • Media Manipulators

INALIENABLE: adjective; not transferable to another or not capable of being taken away or denied; 

“The Definition of Inalienable.” Www.Dictionary.Com Accessed 22 Mar. 2019.

We also have sinister, self-interested, silk glove revolutionaries in our own ranks desiring nothing more than to subvert, and unseat liberty through sedition and secrets .

(writer’s deliberate fun with alliteration)

Velvet Glove Invasion
Using or putting on the “velvet glove” suggests the use of gentle but effective persuasion. The glove is the depiction of the proverbial hand that indicates manipulation or active influence to a desired outcome; it being made of velvet encourages the perception of subtlety and deftness of such influence. 

The full definition is opposed to the threatening coercion connotated by the opposite but more well known term “iron fist“.

We also have sinister, self-interested, silk glove revolutionaries in our own ranks desiring nothing more than to subvert, and unseat liberty through sedition and secrets. (A writer’s fun with alliteration.) Sometimes the two forces work together, either by happenstance or design. They are REAL.

As a savant of all things espionage, history, and who has deep care & concern for our country and the future of our children, our earth, our health, our poor, our oppressed, our life, our liberty and our nation’s happiness – some “inspiration” sprinkled my way to start writing, I mean REALLY writing.

Most writers, I think, write in secret because if we somehow don’t finish our “grandiose idea” we become doomed as a “writer wannabe.” This is my greatest fear. I have started so many projects I have never finished. I want my character of my story to be redeemable and am giving myself yet “another chance.” The ONLY RULES I have made for myself are this:

  1. I must FINISH whatever I start (including this blog post).
  2. I will start each day with a moment of asking the great Author of all inspiration, “what is the message YOU would like me to convey?”

But here’s the thing, for each of the handful of people I have shared this new project with, I have been met with such enthusiasm, I am overwhelmed. People’s hearts are BRIMMING with similar feelings of worry for where we are in history and where we are going. I will attempt to believe in myself the way you do.

To the youth I have shared this with, when they finally looked up from the screen of the mechanical squrrel in their pocket, I was met with a surprising eagerness: they too are worried and concerned about their future. They feel cut off from any kind of context to make sense of their world. They have no history other than how the people who came before them were bad and wrong.

The champions of our nation and world history have been carefully excised, manipulated and cut out of today’s reality. Today’s youth are in DIRE need of TRUE heores. (Not the secretly-motivated, self-serving kind – there are FAR too many of those.) I mean those who celebrate their:

  1. vitality to overcome adversity and not allow them to be subjugated to “victimhood” and their
  2. mettle (yes, I am a logophile, I inherited the condition from my mother) to doggedly uncover the truth about their world, not just aquiesce to mysterious forces and agendas enclosing around them
  3. they will rediscover faith and confidence in the Divine and the eternal fight for good and right and finally,
  4. THEY are the authors of their own destiny – they will become their own champions and their world’s heroes.

In other words, they will become their own champions and their world’s heroes

Youth on top of a mountain with arm up in victory for achieving a great climb as he faces into the brilliant setting sun. Captions says, "Message to our youth: 'Become the Champions of your own world with light, love & redemption.' Believe in goodness again."

So from time to time, I’m going to post something provocative, or invite community participation. I want your reactions and comments. So here is today’s:

So knowing there is a great desire for connection, I want to share this project – without giving away any spoilers – and for all those who will find this post, (and have read this far) to share their feelings, fears, hopes and dreams for the future of our youth and our nation.

“What would be a most important idea or moment in history the future generations of America need to know?”


  • The latest unprecedented statistics are showing that 1/3 of youth ER visits are because they are suicidal or have attempted suicide. 1/3.
  • They need to connect to the champion within them and become their own hero. Whatever ideologies and influences spreading in the mainstream are creating this. These cultural priorities are causing this despondency.
  • According to popular ideology, their personal history and ancestry has been so debased, their entire identity has become an apology for the sins of all mankind of which NO ONE, not even themselves can be given redemption
  • Without historical persepective, personal history or connection to their ancestry, they lack context or connection to anchor themselves. There is no ONE size fits all or solution. There is no ONE political ideology that will fix everything.

So for now, know, I will be exploring this. And I would love your help. If you have read and followed me this far… please, share your fears, hopes and aspirations for our youth or history you think would be important to help them become their own champions.

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