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If you’ve been looking for CONTENT to INSPIRE and MOTIVATE YOUR BUSINESS internally or share what your organization accomplishes with the world, look no further…

If you’ve been trying to find a special way to celebrate your employees and give them a big “thanks,” there’s nothing like content that celebrates and shows your appreciation of them.

Mary Ann Mortensen at:

Killbuck Creek Consulting, LLC

is how to get this done:

We specialize in:

  • Profiles – Interviewing and telling the story of those stand-out employees, entrepreneurs or partners that make your business or community what it is today
  • How-to Content – Do you need to set up tutorials on a business process? As a Yellow Belt in Lean Six Sigma, I can help you streamline and convey that message.
  • Home & Garden – Isn’t just about kitchenware anymore! This genre inspires and refreshes creativity in all who partake. Let a mental escape from the boardroom raise creativity and productivity levels.
  • Lifestyle – Much like home and garden, inspiring success stories of people, like how Dave in receiving, competed in his first triathlon last summer lifts the spirits and infuses the world with, “If he can do it, so can I.”

Recent Posts

The Baby That Stopped the Spy

I was so excited to see this picture of my father in his youth. The baby in this photo is my sister. And while this picture presumes a happy couple adoring their firstborn daughter is partly true, the rest of the story is anything but that.

Camp Nanowrimo 2019 Is Underway, Count Me In

Check Out Camp Nanowrimo 2019 Here My Current Word Count Tally Goal is 70,000 to 90,000 4/13/2019 – 3612 Total Words My Nanowrimo Profile I have successfully managed to do a great overall outline for my Novel – a historical fiction with multiple timelines. On top of this, I have managed to eek out 3612…

The Vision

Hi everyone, It’s about time I shared with you what my latest narration project is. It is a wonderful book by Sunanda J. Chatterjee, titled, The Vision. It’s a beautiful story of a young immigrant, resident, doctor who prays for the gift of “vision” to help her help doctors help their patients. She is a…


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