The Vision

Hi everyone,

It’s about time I shared with you what my latest narration project is. It is a wonderful book by Sunanda J. Chatterjee, titled, The Vision. It’s a beautiful story of a young immigrant, resident, doctor who prays for the gift of “vision” to help her help doctors help their patients. She is a pathologist – the doctor who makes the “diagnosis” of that little test your doctor runs when they aren’t sure themselves. This touching story gently helps us all “see” the many, many things we have a difficult time seeing.

Each chapter surprises me as it reveals a bias or opinion, sometimes small, sometimes not, that I hold… Or that people hold around me or that I have experienced that, in the end, has kept me from “seeing” people or situations as they truly are.

As the narrator of this project, I have loved every minute of learning about a different language, a different culture, a different occupation, and a different faith. And despite all these differences, I can’t help but feel how similar we all are – our love of family, our love of country, our love of our faith and our God.

The Audible release of The Vision will be some time in March 2016.

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